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About Us

GFM specialize in lighting efficiency consulting and disposal compliances. We get maximum rebates and incentives for our clients as well as other special funding for projects to enable green forward movements. Non-compliant lamp, ballast and mercury device products will result in hefty fines from local, state & federal agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, OSHA, and other related agencies. Therefore, GFM is proud to be our client’s top resource. Our professional consultants will help you separate the facts from sales pitches and allow you to make the best decisions for your organization and facilities.

In 2009, Green Forward Movements was formed to simply the process of rebate application and project analysis for business customers looking for lighting energy efficiency and used light disposal, containment processing and lamp recycling. Universal Hazmat Waste regulations and compliance are easy with GFM. With growing technology advances, the world of lighting is changing with benefits of energy saving and available rebates.

Get rewards for green forward movements not violation fines. Consult your account executive today.